A visit to the English Theatre

On the 28th of January we went to see the play „Huck Finn“ by Mark Twain. It was a great experience and an even better story:

It is about a brave 12-year-old boy who lives in St.Petersburg.The characters are: Huck, the widow Douglas,Tom Sawyer, Miss Watson, Old Finn and Jim. The story is about the life of Huckleberry Finn and his adventure on the great Mississippi River. Of course there is also a backstory. Huck lives in an old boring town with his caretaker, the widow Douglas. What you have to know is that Huck is not an ordinary boy, he does not like fancy clothes or behaving at all! Widow Douglas always tries to teach him to sit straight or to stop sniffing. The point is, he wants to be free and so does Jim, Miss Watson‘s slave. And if you are wondering who Miss Watson is, I will tell you: She is Widow Douglas‘ sister. Anyway, on the great way to freedom, there are quite a few obstacles and if you want to know more you must go to the English Theatre to see it all in action.

In class, we acted out a few scenes from the actual book and even invented our own! We talked about who lived there at the time and we discussed the differences between then and now. Personally, I thought that reading the book and discussing it in class was very fun and informative. In my view it is very important that we read the book in class because even though the times in which „Huck Finn“ was written were very different, we can‘t just forget about all the bad things that happend, e.g slavery. Yes,it was very horrible and obviously it is over now, but it is also an important part of the American history, even if it‘s not good. In conclusion: I‘m glad we did this project in class and it was a lot of fun.

And now about the show in the English Theatre. I really enjoyed it! The actors were fantastic, and also the facial expressions, the songs, the storyline and just about everything else as well! I would definitely say it was a great performance. But I also have to mention that I did not really enjoy the constant „building“ between the scenes. I know that it was not supposed to be part of the show, but it did bother me a little, because I don‘t think it was necessary. I would not have minded, if they just pretended to be on a raft or something like that. But it wasn‘t so bad because the rest of the show was just so good!I really liked it and I‘m super happy we went.

Deleila Wiser, 6d