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Ghost stories

Die 6BD schreibt Geschichten

Ouija by Mateya P. (6B)

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her parents were not at home and she had an idea. She invited her best friend. So her best friend went to her house.

 It was boring and they wanted to play Ouija. They played it in her room at night and they thought it was just a dumb game, but it wasn’t. They were laughing and left the game. At night they wanted to go to bed. The girls’ names were Anna and Brianna. They left the door open and they totally forgot the game. But then mysterious things happened. The door closed – it couldn’t be the wind because no window was open. Briana was a little scared because it was the first time that she had a sleepover at Anna’s house and she believed in ghosts. But Anna told her that everything was OK. Brianna and Anna wanted to sleep but Brianna had a nightmare and then she sat there crying because she thought it had something to do with the Ouija board. Then she saw a shadow at the wall and she wanted to switch the lights on but there was no light. Brianna tried to wake Anna up. But Anna didn't believe her. It was 3 am and Brianna heard noises. She heard a knocking on the door. But she knew no one would believe her. She heard the door open and in the morning she was away. Until today no one knows where she is.



A ghost story by Caroline C. (6B)

It’s the middle of the night. Emma sleeps in her room. But what’s this? Suddenly she opens her eyes and gets up. She hears a spooky noise in the kitchen. She quietly takes a lamp and goes, still quietly, downstairs into the kitchen. She opens the door slowly and looks into the kitchen. She puts her hand in front of her mouth so that she won’t scream. In the kitchen sits a ghost! She quietly closes the door, runs upstairs into her room and locks the door from the inside. Worried, she goes to bed.

In the next night she gets up because she hears the noise again. But in this night the noise comes from her parents’ room. Again she follows the noise. Slowly and quietly Emma opens the door and paralyzes! Her parents are lying in their bed, but what’s this? Between her parents there is a ghost! All three are snoring. Emma exhales. Now she looks into the face of the ghost and paralyzes again! The ghost looks like … like Emma herself!

Emma screams hysterically and her parents get up. They see Emma’s terrified face and must laugh. They say: “Our prank is very good!” Then they must laugh again. Emma screams: “Your pranks?! But it looked so real?!” Emma’s father says: “Yes, my projector is very good. Are you angry?” Then Emma must laugh, too and she says: “No, I’m not.”

A ghost story by Melina S. (6B)

It was a dark night in New York City. Sophia and Lorena were at Sophia’s house and they were watching a scary movie. Then they heard a scary sound. Sophia and Lorena thought it was a witch or a zombie. Lorena looked outside. When she went outside she saw a dead woman. Lorena screamed and said to Sophia: “There is a dead woman in your garden.” Sophia went out and shortly afterwards she was dead, too. Lorena screamed and ran back to Sophia’s house. She locked the door from the inside. Suddenly there was a killer clown in the room. Lorena was trapped and the clown killed her.

Scary Room – a ghost story by Emilia B. (6D)

It is a cold and dark evening. Diana is alone at home. It is a big old house. She goes to her room. Something is strange this evening. What is wrong? Suddenly Diana sees a little girl at the small table behind her bed. The girl has got black hair and a book in her right hand. Her face is white. A ghost! Diana screams. She wants to leave the room but she can’t move. Then she hears strange noises behind one wall. “Go away!” she shouts at the girl. The girl gets up and walks through the wall with the noises behind it. When Diana comes into her room the next evening everything looks different. There are bats behind the window. She sees blood on the wall. The light turns on and off. Suddenly a snake comes out of the bin. Diana screams and leaves her room. She is so scared that she never leaves her room. She is so scared that she never wants to go to her room again.