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A Talkshow

From Slavery to Black Lives Matter

In recent weeks, the advanced English courses of grade 12 have been dedicated to an in-depth exploration of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, with a specific focus on the United States of America.

At the beginning of our study, we examined pivotal milestones in black history, encompassing periods such as slavery, the Reconstruction era, and the Jim Crow laws, to more contemporary movements like the civil rights era and the Black Lives Matter movement. Using artificial intelligence, we wrote informative texts and designed infographics, supplementing our understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, we learned about the ongoing debate surrounding the Critical Race Theory.

Subsequently, we were presented with the opportunity to work on roles for an upcoming talk show, centering around the question: "Should black history be taught in schools?" The spectrum of roles ranged from civil rights activists to representatives of various societal roles, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of perspectives.

On Monday 12th December 2023 Mrs. Bey and Mrs. Wex, our English teachers, organized two interesting lessons within the assembly hall for both courses. Every student had the opportunity to take the stage, assuming their designated role and contributing to the talk show.

The role play proved to be successful, providing each participant with a valuable platform to deepen their comprehension of this subject matter.

We are looking forward to more workshops of similar nature and the collaboration with students from other classes.