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Poetry Slam

Wir schreiben englische Gedichte

Im Englisch Grundkurs von Herrn Mohr und im Leistungsorientierungskurs von Frau Bey (beide E-Phase) haben wir uns mit englischen Gedichten beschäftigt: Wir haben Gedichte analysiert, die Regeln eines Poetry Slams kennengelernt, Poetry Slams angeschaut und abschließend unsere eigenen englischen Gedichte geschrieben.


Am 14. Juni war es dann soweit. Wir haben uns alle zusammen zu unserem Poetry Slam getroffen und in angenehmer Atmosphäre bei kleinen Snacks unsere Werke vorgetragen. Obwohl wir anfänglich skeptisch waren, ob es uns gelingen würde, Gedichte auf Englisch zu schreiben und diese sogar vorzutragen, waren wir abschließend alle überrascht, wie gut einige der Gedichte und Vorträge waren. Aber lest selbst ... 

That’s perfect to me


How can you give yourself the right

To tell others what and what not to be

When everyone here is putting up a fight

To truly be who they are and let others see?


I’m okay with not being perfect,

‘cause that’s perfect to me.


All these years you tried to control my life

You’ve tried to turn me into someone you wanted me to be

And I’ve been quiet all this time

Just so you would tell me you love me.


I’m okay with not being perfect,

‘cause that’s perfect to me.


For how long, do you think,

You can hold a lion in a cage

Before you hear the metal click

And the lion escape with rage?


All you want is for them to be perfect, don’t you?


That lion you suppress

To protect and keep safe

But without any success

You made them feel like a slave.


I’m okay with not being perfect,

‘cause that’s perfect to me.


by Ilayda Ö.


Anxiety and life


Welcome to anxiety

We hope you hate your stay.

It will be a fight each and every day.

It will keep you up every night and day


Welcome to a ‘perfect’ life and society

With a pinch of anxiety

Thinking about everything that you can’t do right

So you keep on fighting in your own fight.


It comes with no warning and notice

It comes on strong.

Even though you are sitting with your family

You won’t feel like you belong.


Welcome to anxiety which comes along

The worst thing about it is that there is no cure

But no worries, you will learn to cope with it better

That’s for sure.

Things will get better and bad times will end.


Welcome to anxiety with a bit of hope

Your growth is your own journey

So stand up and go on, honey,

Your strength is your property

So live with all your liberty.


Welcome to life with a lot of ups and downs

Life is a battle

So don’t put yourself in a kettle

You are not a piece of metal

And you may have feelings that you have to settle,

But it’s OK.


Welcome to life with a bit of hassle

Be a warrior not a worrier

That may make your life doubtlessly easier.


By Safana I.




You were gone

After leaving me behind, with an inner strife


You were gone

After we saw us daily in school for five years


You were gone

Off, writing a new chapter in life


You were gone

Living a life you could never have here


You were gone

Even after you came back


You were gone

Even though you are here


You are back

Slowly but surely, we are getting to know each other again.


by anonymous





I wake up at 3 am

Soaked in sweat

Thinking ‘damn, happened again’

It is a threat

I can feel it

Stuffy air all around

I have to admit

I have drowned


Blurred lines everywhere

I really don’t dare

To get up

I’m feeling stuck

My head turns

I have no words

I start crying

Because I was dying


I get out of bed

At first very slowly

But I’m led

By the fear that it’s behind me

I grab a glass of water

My mouth is dry

In here, it’s getting hotter

I wonder ‘why?’


Back in bed

I drift off

And start to fall again.


By Carolina W.





Maybe you know the proverb

‘animals are the better humans’ or

‘we don’t deserve animals’

But you might have no clue,

How much dogs love you.



They love you more than anything else,

They are there for you like nobody else,

They give you more than anybody else,

They would give everything just for you,

They always know what to do,


How much dogs love you.



Maybe you have one at home,

Maybe you love petting them,

Maybe they are your favorite animal,

Maybe you like watching videos of them,

But have you ever had the experience,

That a dog loves you?


But there is something wrong in this world;

Did you know

That people kill dogs to sell and eat them?

That people rape dogs,

That people put dogs on a short leash, outside, alone, nobody

Visits them and the owner only comes to give him

a tiny bit of dirty water or some old meat?

And did you know

That people abandon their dogs at dangerous spots

Where the dogs are scared lonely and in danger to die?

That a woman drives to a spot every day

Finding a lonely dog there

Every day

And did you know

That most dogs

Still love their owners

Because they are everything they have?



Maybe now you can see how much dogs love humans

And sometimes we don’t deserve their love,

And if you love a dog,

And he loves you,

It will probably be the best thing that has ever happened to you.


By Mia B.


The planet is dying


The planet is dying

But they’re not even trying

To help it out

So just get loud

Scream what you believe in

And what you’re always seeing

‘cause you’re still a human being.


How can the government not see

And all they say is let it be

Why can’t they use their brain

Instead of acing all insane


There will be no ocean

They still don’t show emotion

All they want is paper

For a new elevator

For their expensive homes

Made out of human bones

USA and Germany

It’s all the same absurdity


The planet is dying

But we keep on buying

Eating our meat

Killing our sheep

While we’re still asleep


Consuming like insanity?

Not, that’s just called humanity.


From above is shouting Lennon

Watching us from out of heaven

He said imagine living life in peace

But people keep begging on their knees


USA and Germany

It’s all the same absurdity.


By Ana.


The Tiger fights the Spider


The tiger fights the spider

The spider dies leider

The tiger is the king

In the ring

He wants to fight weiter

But the spider died leider.


Life is a game

You win when you’re glad

No need for being rich or fame

No need for being sad

To win the game no one has to lose

So choose your moves.